The Main Ring

The Main Ring is the central portion of the Republic. It consists of 218 planets, and these are the administrative, financial and cultural center of the otherwise loose state.

Zero-class planets

In the government of the Republic, only one planet is considered a "zero-class planet", and it is Republic Haven, the main center of the entire empire. Only first-class planets are available from this planet.

First-class planets

In the government of the Republic, fifteen planet could reach the "first-class planet" ranking; these are the key juctions in the economy and cultural life of the empire.

Overall, they lead to 203 additional planets, those are the "second-class" ones.

  1. Epte Merinos
  2. Gaohuacao
  3. Luna
  4. Otaboroi
  5. Sero Baruka
  6. Cainabta Vida
  7. Nabbecluses
  8. Boropta
  9. Opdokaurea
  10. Bela Doksen
  11. Shirisrea
  12. Larrio
  13. Hehan
  14. Yatem Hakca
  15. Doxai

Second-class planets

"Second-class planets" are the ones which are available from Republic Haven by visiting only one transit planet. These are the edge of the Main Ring, serving as local junctions fot the Middle Clusters.

Noteworthy second-class planets:


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